Breaking “c” and the Warping of Space-time

The speed of light, often denoted by the constant “c,” is faster than anything that we know. Although there have been attempts to get certain particles to travel faster than the speed of light, like when scientists at the CERN laboratory in Switzerland tried to get a hold of neutrinos, no one has successfully brokenContinue reading “Breaking “c” and the Warping of Space-time”

How Spherical is the Sun?

From what we know about planets like the Earth and its properties, we may expect the Sun to also experience a bulge, causing its shape to deviate from a perfect sphere. It turns out that the Sun isn’t a perfect sphere, but it’s pretty close to one. If fact, with the help of instruments onContinue reading “How Spherical is the Sun?”

How the Universe?

The universe is much, much, much bigger than you may think it is. I personally find it inconceivable – my finite brain does not register infinity. The observable universe, as we know it today, is 14 billion years old – this means that we can see 14 billion light-years into the universe. Within this universeContinue reading “How the Universe?”

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